Sweet Endings
Thinking Like Someone I'm Not


I’ve never been a big TV watcher.  So a few years ago when the first episode of a new series called Homeland was so violent, I gave up on it.  But, convinced by our daughter-in-law Katrina that the brutality in the first episode should not keep us from watching such a good show, we gave it a second try last month.

And now Homeland has taken over my life. 

Which is a problem.  First, the show is now in its fifth season and I can only bear to watch one episode at a time.  Second, if I watch it right before bed, I can't fall asleep.  So, it’s going to take forever to get up to date. 

The other night I recommended it to my brother who insisted that nothing could be better than Game of Thrones which is really violent.

I vowed not to try it…  at least not until I catch up with Homeland


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