Thinking Like Someone I'm Not

Facebook Frenzy


I have 144 friends on Facebook.  (I just checked.)  I have no idea where they all came from.  I only know that I have never asked anyone to be my friend, so they must have asked me.  Who knew?

Although some of my “friends” post every day, I rarely do.  However, on Sunday, when Peter and Seth (home for a one-day visit) and I went for a neighborhood walk, we passed  a gorgeous blooming tree (see above), and Seth took a selfie. I thought it was Facebook-worthy. I posted it at 7:30 pm. 

Before I knew it, there were 53 “likes” and 9 comments.  Since Seth has 1609 friends (I just checked), I thought most likes and comments would be his, but 21 likes and 5 comments were my friends.  Like I said, who knew?


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