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The Mouths of Babes

We’ve been fortunate to see our grandchildren twice in the last few weeks, first in New York City and then in Maryland. 

In New York, we had a conversation about trans-gender issues with them.  You can be sure I didn’t bring it up.  When I was their age, I hadn’t even heard the word “trans-gender”, and I thought the only meaning of "gay" was happy.

When I played “Jumpin Monkeys” against eight-year-old Grady in Maryland two weeks later, he explained his strategy as if he were planning a mission to Mars.  And when eleven-year-old Leo talked about how he was deciding which computer to buy with his savings, it sounded like he was working for Consumer Reports.

But the most astonishing words were Leo's on a long drive back from dinner at friends.   You have to understand that Peter and I know some very accomplished people, many of whom are eager to talk about what they do.   And you don’t expect children to put themselves in your shoes.  So imagine my surprise and delight when Leo asked,

“Grammy, what TV series do you and Gramps like to watch?”



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