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The Kugel family met in New York City last weekend to celebrate Peter’s 85th birthday.  Although Peter doesn’t like being the center of attention, he had no choice. 

I took care of theater tickets and dinner arrangements, but Seth and Jeremy created the Peter Kugel Family Feud, an experience we will talk about for years. They sent  multiple-choice questionnaires to a hundred of their friends and ours. Questions included, “What part of The New York Times does Peter turn to first?”  “If Peter were an animal, what would he be?”   “What trait have Seth and Jeremy inherited most from Peter?”  Somehow they got the real Family Feud TV show board on Seth’s large computer monitor.  It was completely true-to-life, with Jeremy starring as host Richard Dawson.

We had a Maryland team and a Massachusetts team, and the competition was fierce. Here’s a 27-second clip:

No gift could have better expressed the love of our two sons for their amazing father.


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What a fantastic family. Laughter is the best medicine of all. Great to see the video, even though there was no sound. What a handsome pair you and Peter are! Nice to 'meet' you.

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