Feedback, 45 Years Later
On Being Mortal


It is said that the higher you fly, the harder you fall.  That may explain why I haven’t smiled before noon yet this week.  I was so high during the long sunny days of our January vacation in Florida that this never-ending snow and cold has sent me to a new low of grumpiness.

And I’m not alone.  Everyone is out of sorts.  It’s not just that we have fifty-plus inches of snow and bitter cold.  There’s nowhere to put the snow.  It’s piled so high on the sides of the road that we can’t see to back out of our driveway.  Our street is barely one-lane wide.  Anyway, there is no place to go because we have been asked to stay off the roads.  Our classes—cancelled.  Our library books—unreturned.  

And, you may ask, why not take advantage of being stuck at home?  Do some badly- needed projects.  Bake that batch of brownies.  Read a great book.

But then what could I complain about?



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Susan G.

Now that we are retired and not involved in any emergency services, snow days are a gift. My clean-out-the-cellar project has moved ahead, I am making progress on the library book pile, and, yes, baking has come to the fore. The cold days and getting hooked on PBS The Great British Baking Show has moved me to warm up the house...yesterday was an apple cobbler, accompanied by a double meatloaf while the oven was on. One meatloaf is in the freezer waiting for a busy day quick meal.

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