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Feedback, 45 Years Later

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's a Mozart.

If you don’t love Mozart, you might not want to read this blog post.

But if you do, and especially if you know who Joseph Silverstein is (a former concertmaster of the Boston Symphony Orchestra), you will probably understand why visiting his class on Mozart was a highlight of our time in Sarasota.

I can still picture Silverstein in his tuxedo on the stage of Boston’s renowned Symphony Hall where he was concertmaster for twenty-two years.  But here he was, at age 82, in a room with 40 mostly-gray-haired people, some CD’s, and his violin to talk about Mozart.  He charmed the class with his unassuming presence, his knowledge of Mozart (and everything musical), and, of course, some fiddle-playing.

Silverstein mentioned that his wife (sitting in on the class) had used some lyrics to remember the movements of two great Mozart symphonies in preparation for an exam in her Music 101 class at the University of Michigan. 

I introduced myself to her at the end of class and thanked her because I had used those same words (It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a Mozart) in Music 101 at the University of Michigan.

Eight years later.


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