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Two Bucks

Two bucks ain’t what it used to be.  But you can still buy a Starbucks coffee, a Hershey’s chocolate bar with almonds, a gallon of gas (in some places) and, believe it or not, an almost-first-run movie at the Parkway 8 Cinema in Sarasota, Florida. Canadian friends who have been coming to Sarasota for years invited us to join them for a Saturday matinee, and who could refuse?  I’d see almost anything that cost less than the popcorn at my movie theater at home.  (Truth-in-advertising: If you go after 6:00, the cost jumps to $2.50.)

That’s how we found ourselves seeing St. Vincent, a movie with Bill Murray, Naomi Watts and an endearing kid named Jaeden Lieberher last Saturday at 4:20pm.  I worry that we don’t laugh enough, but this movie is full of belly-laughs. And, I have to admit, I also shed some tears.

Best two bucks I’ve spent in years!





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