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Some say that retirement is an endless vacation.  Not so, in my view.  The obligations add up.  So we are enjoying being on a real vacation--having to only decide whether to eat in or out, walk the beach now or later or go to the hot tub or pool. Should we go on an outing or stay home?

But last Sunday night was different.

In our rented 1200 sq. foot condo, there are four TV’s, one in the kitchen, the living room and each bedroom.  We invited friends from Boston who are staying in a nearby hotel to come watch the New England Patriots football playoff.  Joe is a huge (and knowledgeable) fan.  Peter and I and Joe’s wife Meg, not so much.  On our own, we probably would have watched only the last quarter of the game.

Our plan was that we would all watch the football game from 6:30 – 9:00, then leave Joe with the big TV in the living room while Meg watched Downton Abbey in the guest bedroom and Peter and I watched The Good Wife in our bedroom.

At 9:00, we left the living room to Joe with the Patriots slightly ahead.  But, as luck would have it, the TV in our bedroom didn’t work.  So, we joined Meg to watch Downton Abbey, knowing we could watch The Good Wife later on our computer.

The Patriots won their game easily.  Downton Abbey was pretty good.  And we’ll get to the episode of The Good Wife before Sunday.

This should be our most difficult vacation problem.




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