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Seeking Warmth

This is the second year that we have sought respite from New England’s winter in Florida. When we come home at the end of this month, the days will be longer and spring not quite so far away.

Here in Sarasota, it’s not dark at 4:15 pm as it is in Boston.  Sunsets—Turner-like landscapes of pinks and oranges—arrive close to 6:00 pm.  Sure, it gets light later in the morning, but that’s great for sleeping in.  And although the temperature can be iffy in January, it’s never as frigid as it is at home.

Of course, there are downsides.  We’ve rented a small condo.  But it’s not ours, and it takes a while to get to know it.  It took forever to find the Wi-Fi code, and if you don’t think it’s stressful to be without internet access, you need to get a life.  Light switches are in the oddest places as are placemats (finally found in the guest room closet!) and other necessities.

Then there is our rental car.  No instructions.  Just get in and drive.  Fine.  But when we pulled into a gas station to fill it up, we couldn’t find the release button for the gas tank cover.  We tried all kinds of buttons. Three strangers tried to help and one finally figured out all it takes is a tap on the cover.

Forty-eight hours after we got here, we had food (and wine!) in the house and had already met up with friends from Canada and from home. 

I remember when I visited my parents vacationing in Florida, I swore that would never be me…




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