The Nature of January
On Not Being Grumpy

Ping Pong

For twenty-one straight days, we walked by the shiny new Ping Pong table in the recreation area of the condo complex where we have gone to escape the cold.   On the twenty-second day, I challenged Peter to a game.

The nice guy I am married to has a lot of challenges, including poor balance.  But he will do almost anything to please me.  So we took up the paddles and started hitting the ball back and forth.  In the beginning, it looked like an easy victory for me.

Then, the next thing I knew we were playing a serious game.  Peter’s old competitive spirit came to life and suddenly my early lead was in danger.   Bottom line, the better man won 24-22.  And it wasn’t me.

Not to worry—we’ve scheduled a rematch.  I just have to work a little harder at keeping my eye on the ball.


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