My Funny Husband
December 25th

Saturday Sex

I don’t write much about sex. That’s probably because I was born about five years before it was a subject we talked about in public.  (Note to our children:  You’ll probably want to stop reading here.)

I won’t pretend to be an expert about the sex life of my peers.  But for us, it’s usually a Saturday morning thing.  Why?  Well, for one, in the winter, our hands are too cold when we hop into bed in the evening.   Plus, we’re usually pretty tired.  And, even though we are retired, we have so much going on during the week that we have to get up pretty quickly on weekdays.  So Saturday makes a lot of sense.

Last Saturday morning, we lingered especially long.  Those moments together are very special and I said so to Peter. 

“It’s the highlight of my week,” he responded.   



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