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My Funny Husband

Sometimes you have to “be there,” but I can’t stop myself from sharing a couple of Peter’s absurd, but funny (if you were there) remarks.  Like the other day when we walked by a huge, almost-finished apartment building.  We’ve watched it go from a gas station to a hole in the ground to a sprawling, oddly-color-blocked monster.  The other day, it finally sprouted a name.  In huge letters on the front and side of the building it now says 603 CONCORD AVENUE. 

Peter’s comment, “I wonder what the address is…”

Or on the same day when we walked over a defunct railroad track that we’ve probably crossed on foot thousands of times, a track that hasn’t seen a train in at least the twenty years that we have lived in our neighborhood.

Peter’s comment, “Uh oh, I forgot to look both ways.” 

Like I said, sometimes you have to be there.


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