December 25th
January 1

Learning in Retirement

Fifteen months ago, I retired from a career I loved.  I had expected a period of “adjustment” and I wasn’t disappointed.  In fact, I had a lot of trouble with not rushing off to work every morning.   But after a bit of trial and error, I found a good balance of activities.      

This fall, things got even better.  I discovered that there is a whole new world of learning to explore in retirement.  I’m listening to music in a new way because of an undergraduate course I audited.  With fellow retirees, I studied Rembrandt’s drawings in a six-week course and spent twelve weeks exploring the many facets of Thomas Jefferson with a teacher whose love of all-things-Jeffersonian was contagious.  And I am watching the “digitization” of our world from a new perspective, thanks to a six-week course examining the effects of technology on our lives.

In retirement courses there are no pre-requisites The homework is manageable and there are no grades. 

What’s not to love?



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