Dinner with Friends

Venturing Out

If it is Sunday, the chez Kugel default is to have a leisurely breakfast, turn on classical music, and stretch out on the sofa with the newspapers. A child or friend may call to catch up.  We may have social plans later in the day. But we are happy just to “be”. 

However, when we do venture out, Peter and I have a great time together and wonder why we don’t do it more often.

Take last Sunday.  We had an extra hour because the time changed, but it was a horrific day outside—snow/sleet/freezing rain, unseasonably cold, dark and gloomy.  Our options were stay home and be miserable or go out and be miserable.  We decided to go out.

We headed to the Goya exhibit at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts.  We had to wait a few minutes in the snow/sleet/freezing rain for the museum to open.  Just as I was convincing myself that we were crazy to have come, the doors opened and we forgot the bad weather.

We loved the exhibit.  And we ran into friends who invited us to join them and friends of theirs for lunch in the great hall of the museum. 

When we drove home, the weather was still horrible. But the newspaper was waiting, the music was waiting, and we had had a lovely day.

We should venture out more often.



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