Venturing Out
"Uncle Mom"


I’ve got my annual case of the November blues.  Dark skies by five o’clock, falling temperatures, and bare trees all contribute to my feeling of malaise. It’s not that I am unhappy about anything specific. 

But somehow, this year is a bit worse.  It could be that I wasn’t able to beat back the fatigue and pain of shingles as easily as I would have liked.  It could be that Novembers are coming around more quickly than they used to.  It could be how many rainy days we’ve had.  It could be a million things. 

I’m as busy as ever.  I like everything I do. In two weeks the whole family will be here for my favorite holiday. In six weeks, the days will  start getting longer again. 

But I still have the November blues.



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Audrey Mitchell

You have captured my feelings about this time of year as if you were in my head. My favorite time of winter is near the end of January when at 5pm it is still light outside. Can't wait.

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