The Shot that Fell Short
Venturing Out

Dinner with Friends

More than forty years ago Peter interviewed for a teaching position with the chairman of Boston College’s Computer Science Department, Jack Neuhauser. That interview led to more than thirty wonderful years of teaching at BC. And some lasting friendships.

We hadn’t seen his former boss (now President of St. Michael’s College in Burlington, Vermont) in years, and since we were having other BC friends for dinner, we asked him to join us.  We were delighted when he accepted.

Catching up on kids and grandkids and life in general was great.  But the most memorable moment for me was when Jack recalled his phone conversation with Peter setting up that job interview so many years ago.  Jack asked Peter, “Do you want me to tell you how to get to my office?”  Peter replied, “If I can’t find it on my own, you shouldn’t hire me.”

Thus began a great friendship, a great career, and some wonderful memories.


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