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Our friend Ruth lost two friends within ten days recently, one of brain cancer, one of lung cancer.  She was understandably sad because both had been colleagues and close friends.  They also were about ten years younger than she is.

Losing friends is a given at our age, but that doesn’t make it easy. In my late thirties, three of my friends died, two of lung cancer (though neither smoked) and one of liver failure while she was waiting for a transplant.  But since then, no good friend of mine has passed away.  Of course, I know this will change.

Neither of Ruth’s friends was “ready,” unlike my Aunt Ruth, who now almost 103, told me two years ago that she would like to “not wake up soon.”  Since we visited her in June, she no longer leaves her bedroom.  She rarely gets out of bed at all.  Fortunately, she has wonderful friends generations younger than she is who visit her often. 

We called to check on Aunt Ruth because Buffalo was having record snowfall.  She’s fine.

She wishes she wasn’t.




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