A Brazil Nut
Caught in the Act!

The Apple King

Almost three years ago, when our son Jeremy told us that he was going to eat an apple a day for 1000 days, we weren’t surprised.  He is, after all, our child who ate 40 Chicken McNuggets for his 40th birthday and later completed a “Meatless September” (a huge sacrifice for our meat-loving son) to raise money for charity.

At least apples are healthy.

Tomorrow he will eat his 1000th.  He did not miss a day.  Not even when he was in Guatemala this summer.  Or when he discovered late one night that there was not an apple in the house (except his computer!) and had to run to the store.

When the U.S. Apple Association learned (admittedly from Jeremy’s mother who wanted to have a certificate made to mark his success), they were very excited to hear that this would come to “fruition” during National Apple Month.  And here’s what happened next.




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