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A Good Ending


More than thirty years ago, I worked closely with a wonderful colleague at the Harvard Kennedy School. Ours was among the best work relationships I have ever had.  She went on to a successful career elsewhere, and we lost touch.  A couple of weeks ago, I learned something about our former boss that I had to tell her.

I tried to find her on the Internet.  She wasn’t on Facebook. She wasn’t on Linkedin.  This was going to be harder than I expected.  It didn’t help that her last name is Jones.  Finally, through a Google image search for her and her husband, I found a picture of them at a fundraiser and learned where she works.  I sent an email to the firm, explaining that I was a former colleague trying to reach her and asked that they forward my email to her.  Success at last! 

We talked on Thursday.  We chatted and laughed just as if it were thirty years ago.  Forty minutes later, I had to end the conversation to get to my music class. We were definitely not finished. We promised to stay in touch.

After music class, I had lunch with another person from my past, the editor of the many travel articles and personal essays I had written for The Boston Globe in the 90’s. When I saw her mentioned in a newspaper article about adjusting to retirement, I managed to get in touch with her too.  We had a great time chatting about life’s changes.

My music class that day had been a wonderful live performance of part of Handel’s Messiah.

Some days are almost too good to be true.




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