Should We Hope to Die at Seventy-five?
Two Eggs

On the Upside

My last two posts have been about the end of life.  I’d rather concentrate on being alive,  and since “Life is like a roll of toilet paper—it goes faster at the end,” I’m scrambling to fit everything in.

Right now, health-related commitments are competing with what I’d prefer to do.  So far in October, I’ve had a flu shot and a bone-density test.  Coming up, the dentist, a hearing checkup (what’d you say?) and a mammogram.  No fun.

But on the upside, the instructor of my Jefferson class is in love with his subject and so knowledgeable about it that he is a great teacher.  My music professor is brilliant and funny and is teaching me to listen to music in a whole new way.  My Rembrandt class is going to the Museum of Fine Arts where we will see prints and drawings that only can be seen by appointment.  My two non-profit consulting projects are teaching me things I didn’t even know I wanted to learn.  And my work with students applying to college is allowing me to stay in touch with young people, one of my favorite demographics.

For the first time since I retired, I am feeling overwhelmed by all that is on my plate.

How great is that!






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