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Caught in the Act!

Peter and I first met at work decades ago.  I think I was more interested in him than he was in me, but I was determined to pursue him.   I discovered that I had a good chance of bumping into him if I wandered by the candy bar machine in the hall near his office. He seemed to have quite a sweet tooth.  

I hadn’t thought about that aspect of my pursuit of Peter in a long time.  Until recently.  A couple of weeks ago I saw a yellow jellybean on the floor of our car.  Odd, I thought, and I forgot about it.

Then last Thursday, Peter and I went our separate ways after our music class because he was going home and I was going to a lunch date. My friend Joanie (also in the class) and I lingered in the auditorium to talk to a couple of the musicians who had just played for us.  Then we headed to a nearby CVS to do an errand.

As we approached the store, I saw Peter walking toward us.  In his hand, he was clutching a bag of candied fruit slices he had just bought at that CVS.  Caught in the act!

When I got home, I confronted him.  “How often to you do buy candy?” I asked.

“Enough,” he replied.  

I smiled about it the rest of the day.



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