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Seth about to be on TV

When our children were little, I dreaded the first time they would cross the street alone.  Keeping them safe was my highest priority and I thought only I could do that. Other milestones were just as scary:  overnight camp, a driver’s license, legal drinking age, and more.

But I never dreamed that one of our children would fall in love with Brazil, live in São Paulo for two years, go back whenever he could and, of this week, become a media star in that beautiful, yet complicated city 4,810 miles away from home.

So let me blatantly boast about the handsome guy pictured above just as he is about to appear on one of Brazil’s top morning shows, having been written about in two of the country’s leading newspapers and having had 48,577 hits in the first week of his new YouTube series “Amigo Gringo.”  Amigo Gringo videos help Brazilians handle such challenges of New York City as ordering bagels, using the subway, tipping and more.  Trust me, the less than five-minute-long videos are funny.  English subtitles require clicking on a box that says “cc” in the lower right hand corner of the screen. 

Not quite what I expected of that little guy whose letters home during his first summer at overnight camp said they he had a stomach ache every day.


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