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Politics as Usual

My political juices were running a bit slowly after I left my politics-oriented life at the Kennedy School of Government a year ago.  But this year’s election has gotten them flowing again.  After all, I was a government major.

That’s why I found myself at a breakfast fundraiser for Jeanne Shaheen on Friday.  Shaheen is running in a tight race for re-election to the Senate from New Hampshire.  I knew her from her stint as director of the Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics. Of course, she served three terms as Governor of New Hampshire as well.

The private room at Henrietta’s Table was full of politicians.  The Governor of Massachusetts and the current Governor of New Hampshire were there, as well as a Congresswoman and a number of state officials. Then there were my former colleagues—professors and administrators. 

You could feel the “I want to be seen” vibe.

I’ve written three checks to support politicians in close races this year, none in Massachusetts. All are women.

My fingers are crossed for a Congress that just might do something.



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