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I had my annual eye exam last week.  When I was working, I always took the first appointment of the day because I had to get to work, but this appointment was for 11:00 a.m.  I grabbed a section of the newspaper from home to read while waiting, but decided not to take my book.  Bad decision.

At 11:20, having finished the paper, I asked the receptionist how far behind the doctor was.  Alas, I had made a mistake.  My appointment was for 11:40, not 11:00.  At that moment, a staff member came into the waiting room to announce that Dr. Wong was running thirty minutes behind. I was not happy.

I read my email. Then I turned to the pile of dog-eared magazines in the waiting room.

First up, The Ladies Home Journal July/August 2014.  The editor’s letter announced that LHJ  was shutting down after 131 years, and I was looking at its final issue.  Another casualty of the Internet era.

Next I picked up Arthritis Today.  Ten seconds later I put it down.  Then People Magazine entertained me for a few moments.  On to Opera News where I learned that it is possible to get tickets to LaScala, The Met, The Palais Garnier and the Vienna Straatsoper by dialing 1-800-326-0331 (and spending a lot of money).

I drew the line at Motor Trend.

My eyes are fine, and when they asked me to schedule my next appointment, I took the 8:30 a.m.







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