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A Visit to our LP's

Remember long-playing records?  That’s how we used to listen to music.  When Peter and I got married and put our records together, we had quite a collection—classical, popular, show tunes, jazz. 

Remember CD’s?  That’s how we listen to music now.  But for most people, the way to go is some form of streaming music.  As usual, we are behind.

Last weekend, we paid our annual visit to our records.  They reside in the New Hampshire vacation home of our friends Gordon and Christa who still have a record player, just like the one I owned fifty years ago.  We listened to some of our favorites as we always do.

I told them that our son Seth had said that LP’s are coming back and that we shouldn’t have given away our collection. The next thing we knew, all of our records were in our car.  Well, all but a few that Gordon and Christa really like.  And they still have a couple of hundred from their own collection and donations from other friends.

Of course, we don’t have a record player, but Seth says he will buy one.  So, he will have our record collection and we will continue to visit them in their new home.

We are holding on to our CD’s.



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