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Peter and I use public transportation to and from the airport.  It’s a lot less expensive ($3.70 round trip compared to the $100 cab tab).  We like to save money, we feel good about our small contribution to avoiding global warming, we are OK with the longer time it takes, and we don’t have to worry about traffic jams.  Best of all, it’s fun to study our fellow passengers. 

On our trip home from the airport last week, we watched the surprised faces of the international passengers as they got on our Silver Line bus when the bus driver rejected their attempts to pay, saying “free” over and over again.  (There is no charge for the trip from the airport on the Silver Line in Boston.)

We watched the reunion of what we took to be a very loving young Indian couple only to hear the woman tell a friend on her phone that she was with her brother who had just arrived from India to go to graduate school. So much for romance.

We talked with a guy who had to get to Copley Square and asked our opinion about the route he had chosen.  We felt sorry for the poor international gentleman who needed to get to Springfield, Massachusetts a couple of hours away.  Fortunately the Silver Line stops at the train station.

We transferred to the subway at South Station and listened to a conversation between two newly-minted lawyers who were talking about their employment prospects.  The young woman complained about her mother’s friends who congratulated her on receiving her law degree and reminded her that they have known her since she was six.  (Hmmmm, that’s something I might have said…)

Unlike at Symphony Hall where the audience is overwhelmingly our generation, we are often the only seniors on the subway. 

Folks, you don’t know what you’re missing.







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