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I wasn’t so pleased with my friend Marie’s response when I bemoaned the lack of non-stop-people interaction that came with retirement.  Marie believes that we should find new ways to enjoy our own company as we age.

This summer has been a good test for me. Although I’ve given myself a number of projects (update, I’m on page 352 of Thinking Fast and Slow) and we have had just enough travel, I’ve had more time on my own than I had during the rest of the year.

And it hasn’t been so bad.  I’ve read some good books, done some writing, and worked on my de-accessing project (will it even be done?).  I’ve done some thinking and planning.

But much to my delight, I’ve become more aware of nature.  I read on a couch next to a window. I am fascinated by the constant parade of bees working on the butterfly bush just on the other side of the glass.

Last week, I watched a family of six wild turkeys foraging in our back yard.  More often than not, sitting on our patio, I am joined by a rabbit.  I don’t know if it is always the same one, but he (or she) is brazen—stretches out just yards from where I sit. 

When I step out my front door, my neighbor’s yellow and gold cosmos peeking out from her picket fence give me great pleasure. Not to mention the ever-changing wildflowers on my walk around the reservoir.

It’s been a beautiful summer in New England and one that has taught me that a bit of solitude is not so bad.


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