Toronto, Thirty Years Later
"Alive Inside"

The Upper-Arm Jiggle

I am compulsive about lifting weights. Therefore you would expect my biceps to be well toned.  And so would I. 

I hadn’t given a lot of thought to the “buffiness” of my upper arms until my friend Kathleen mentioned over lunch last week that she now only buys T-shirts with sleeves that almost reach her elbows. 

That evening, I spent some time contemplating my upper arms in front of a full-length mirror. I could see a bit of drooping skin when I held my arms a certain way.  And it’s true that I could make it jiggle (a little).

So I decided to do some in-depth research (aka Google) where I learned that if you can pinch an inch from the inside of your upper arm while in push-up position, you have a jiggling problem. I am relieved to report that I could only pinch a half an inch.

Nevertheless, I will keep an eye on my upper arms. I have a lot of sleeveless tops in my closet.






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