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A Different World

My Summer Reading

What I am reading:

1. The Silver Star by Jeannette Walls, the author of The Glass Castle.  Status:  Page 40

Summer escape novel.

 2. How to Write and Give A Speech by Joan Detz.  Status:  Page 182

Classic “how to” book.  Wedding toast?  Statesman speech? Help if you want to give a great speech (or are planning to teach a course on great speeches, which I am).

3. Drafts of college application essays written by upcoming seniors in a charter school where I am helping in a college essay course.  Status:  ongoing

Amazing stories of inner city challenges written by the kids living them.

What I will read:

1. Life is a Wheel by Bruce Weber:  Status:  next on my list. 

A 57-year old chronicles his middle-age crisis bike trip across the U.S.

2. Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman.  Status:  Way behind.

This treatise on behavioral economics has been on my night table too long.  I’ve read the first forty pages at least three times.  I will read it this summer.

What I should read: 

1. Something that explains soccer.  Having watched our two sons play goalie in hundreds of soccer games and having been glued to the TV for this World Cup, maybe it’s time to try to understand it.

Or maybe not.


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