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Slowing Down

If I had a nickel for everyone eighty or older who needs a regular daytime snooze, I’d retire.  (But wait, I am retired!)

For quite a while, Peter would announce, “I’m sorry to say this, but…” or “I’m afraid I’m going to…” apologizing before heading upstairs for his almost-daily nap, usually around 2:00 p.m. 

He doesn’t apologize any more.  And he shouldn’t.

Other things have changed/are changing because of our age.  I have been our designated night driver for years because Peter’s glaucoma affects his night vision.  And since his agility has diminished because of Parkinson’s Disease, I usually drive when we anticipate having to park between two curbside cars.  But lately, I seem to be driving more and more just because he prefers not to.

Some other changes in my 84-year-old husband—he eats less (not a bad thing) and more healthily (a good thing).  And although he claimed that he was going to drink more gin as an old guy, he can’t handle it, so wine is usually his alcoholic beverage of choice.  And although he has always been a man of the mind, he seems a bit more introspective.  Or maybe he just doesn’t talk unless he has something meaningful to say (unlike the rest of us).

BUT, he is still the handsome, brilliant, funny guy who has loved and taken care of me for almost fifty years.

And that’s what matters.




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Sounds like you found a real treasure there.

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