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It was one of those days. 

Another school shooting and a Tea Party victory in the Virginia Republican primary.  So I was not in the best of moods when I got more bad news at my supermarket.

Baker’s Chocolate has brought us a “more convenient” presentation. (See above.)  For as long as I can remember, Baker’s (a Kraft Foods brand) golden-yellow package of chocolate contained eight individually-wrapped-one-ounce squares of unsweetened chocolate. The new and (I repeat) “more convenient” package no longer contains eight individually wrapped one-ounce squares. Now you have to break off pieces from a four-ounce bar of chocolate.  (That’s convenient?)  And did I mention that the price per ounce is almost doubled? (That is convenient for Kraft’s bottom line.)

According to the website “Consumerist”, Kraft made the change about a year ago.  The site quotes a Kraft representative’s response to a complaint as follows:

“Our consumers have told us that they prefer this size over the larger size because   the majority of our BAKER’S recipes call for 4 ounces or less. The easy break bar makes it faster to melt and easier to break apart. And they can buy only what they need for a recipe, so the product is fresher.”

Kraft didn't seem to feel the need to explain the rise in price.

It was one of those days.



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