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Mother's Day Report

Why do we mothers have such high expectations for this particular day?  Maybe we figure that our children, who intend to tell us everyday how much they love and appreciate us, need reminding by Hallmark and 1-800-FLOWERS to actually do it.

In any event, my 2014 Mother’s Day was worth waiting for.  Both of our boys sent cards and called and I felt very loved.  It was a perfect spring day.  The sky was as blue as blue can be. There were still plenty of pink and white  blossoms on the trees.

We paused at the doggy swim area on our long walk around the nearby reservoir to watch all manner of happy dogs swimming after balls and sticks and one another, and hopping out to shake their wet coats on innocent observers, i.e., us.

I thanked Peter for making me a mom.  He said it gave him great pleasure to do so.



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You are very blessed to have such a Mother's Day. My son still hasn't realised how much a card means on Mother's Day. He made me lunch, but still needed prompting. I was thinking that maybe sons aren't so good at this, but your sons know what counts.

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