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I have no idea why the Washington Post invited me to a presentation on Boomers and Technology.  I’m not even a boomer.  But I didn’t have a full calendar that day (actually I had an empty calendar) and I am always up for the latest technology news. So I decided to go.  I figured there was a 50-50 chance that I’d like it.

It was wonderful.  There was a great series of panels. Here are some of their messages;

From MIT Agelab Director, Joseph Coughlin:  Older folks embrace technology if it is fun.  It’s fine that toilets can now tell us how healthfully we are eating and what we weigh.  And that stoves can tell us that we forgot to turn them off.  But what we will love is technology that allows us to continue to drive, to live longer and better, technology that allows us to have fun.

From the Entreprenuership Panel: You don’t have to be young to be an entrepreneur.  In fact, you improve the more you do it, claimed Bill Aulet, Managing Director, Center for MIT Entrepreneurship .  He urged us to heed the advice of Gabriel Marquez “We don’t lose our playfulness because we get old.  We get old because we lose our playfulness.”

Panelist Geri Brin, started faboverfifty ( to celebrate boomer women five years ago. Her site now attracts several hundred thousand visitors monthly.  Visit it and be inspired.  And Jeanne Sullivan, co-founder of StarVest Partners advised all would-be entrepreneurs to get a personal Board of Advisors to support their new undertakings.  And then she offered her card to anyone who wanted help.

The Tech for Life Panel showed us innovations for managing fitness and health.  And much more.

I had to take my bike, a subway and a bus to get to Boomer Tech, but you can see the highlights just by visiting


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