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Retirement Update, Month Seven

I’m making progress on getting used to retirement.  People told me that I would be busier than ever once I got the hang of it.  They also said it would take at least a year for me to adjust, maybe even longer because I loved what I did.  But they assured me that I would eventually welcome having more control over my time.

What I Like So Far:

*Not having to set the alarm every morning.  And when I do set it, it’s not for 6:05 a.m.  (Also going out on weeknights is easier.)

*Non-weekend grocery shopping.  I see lots of retirees, mothers with strollers AND no long checkout lines.

*Doing only what I want to do (or at least stopping what I don’t want to do as soon as I know it).

*Learning stuff I didn’t know I wanted to learn, even some things about myself.

What I Don’t Like So Much:

*Retirement doesn’t make life stress-free.

*I haven’t been able to shed my “Type A” personality. A day sitting around with a good book doesn’t work for me.

* Not seeing the fruits of my labor as I did at work.  (Peter might disagree since part of my labor is making him happy.)

Retirement is a journey. 

Isn’t everything?



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