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Followup to My Little Bank

When we changed from the big bad bank to our small local bank a couple of years ago, I wrote about how a real person answers the phone in our new bank and that they have biscuits for dogs accompanying their in-person customers.  I might have mentioned that in the winter, they have a real fireplace with comfy chairs to sit in while you warm up by the fire.

We had several purposes for walking to our bank last Saturday.  We wanted something notarized, we needed cash, we had a check to deposit and needed more container rolls for our pennies.  (I know everyone else throws their change into a machine that counts them, but old habits are hard to break.)

The staff greeted us warmly.  The usual dog biscuits were there.  In the spirit of Easter, there was also coffee, home-made cake and a huge container of Easter candy.

The staff member who is a notary public asked if we knew that Peter’s driver’s license had expired a month ago. That was a life-saver since we plan to fly soon, and an expired license does not work at security.  Without her noticing, Peter would be going home to get his passport in the hope of making a later plane.

The big sign over the main desk says “Welcome Back to Banking.”

They mean it.



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It's so encouraging to hear your story and to know that some businesses are still operating with friendly, welcoming values.

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