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So Much to Learn

I’m finding that the time I spend volunteering with my inner-city charter school kids is an education for me.  I’m there to help them, but they are helping me.

I am learning about what it’s like to be taunted by the kids in your neighborhood because you like school.  I’m learning about how distracting it is when your parents fight all the time.  I’m hearing about their long commutes and the effort they put in to attend a school that they believe will offer them more opportunities.

I’m hearing that they’re worried about leaving home this summer to attend a three-week enrichment program at a college a few hundred miles away.  “But, I’ve never been away from my mother,” said one.  And how one family can’t come up with the $100 deposit even though they will get it refunded.

The students tell me they will not apply to schools in Florida because they’ve heard Florida is racist.  One described feeling uncomfortable at Disneyworld, not because of staff, but because of the other visitors’ behavior toward them.

I am learning about struggles that neither I nor my children had to face.  And I am loving these kids who find the energy and determination to succeed when the odds are not in their favor.


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Khan Academy has just announced that they are teaming up with the SAT people to "level the playingfield". Apparently all questions will be posted along with instructions to arrive at the correct answer. All free. This is to start in 2015, but they have started. Well worth a visit to the website.


These intergenerational connections are so important. I admire what you are doing, and it must be great for the kids too. We must never stop learning, no matter what our age.


Would it be possible for me to donate the $100 deposit to the student whose family doesn't have it?

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