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Khadisha, Isaiah, Valentine, Claudlyne, Yacer, all new in my life, are some of the high school juniors who are talking to me about their challenges and their dreams as they contemplate college preparation and choice. 

I don’t look anything like them.  They are young, and I am old.  They are people of color and I am not.  Some live with parents, and some don’t.  I doubt that many have parents that went to college.

The time I spent with them last week was about the best use of my time this winter.  They had to write an essay to apply for a summer enrichment program that would help them compete in college admissions.  They had to write about a time when they refused to give up and achieved something that they never thought they could.  They had to explain what they learned about themselves in the process.  Several said they had no idea about what to write.  I asked them a few questions.  What do you like to do?  What are you proud of?  What challenges have you overcome?

Of course, they have something to write about.  And my questions were all they needed to get started.  They were on a short deadline.  Not all of them will finish on time.  But some of them will.  And I am so happy to have been of help.



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Commend you for reaching out and touching the lives of those who are less fortunate with your knowledge and skills related to higher education. This is the first time I have commented on one of your posts, though I have followed you for quite some time. Through your final stage of retirement, your decision to return to graduate school, and electing to withdraw from your graduate classes, I was there. As a 71-year-old, you reinforced my desire to keep moving forward and exploring new things during these years of retirement. Sharing what we have learned with underprivileged youth is a way of giving back. Thank u for sharing. Kudos to you for this outreach effort.

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