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Winter's Tale

This winter has been brutal in Massachusetts.  Bitter cold, windy and way too much snow.  It’s made me pretty grumpy. 

Apparently, our house allowed the winter to get to it too. 

When we came home from a long weekend away, the outside temperature was 22 degrees and we had no heat.  When the gas company repairman arrived three hours later, he discovered a burst pipe in our basement bathroom that kept the forced hot water in our heating system from getting upstairs. 

We called a plumber.

He arrived at 7:30 p.m.  Two hours later the pipe was replaced. We now had a big hole in the ceiling and still no heat because the pipes were filled with air.  So the man from the gas company had to come back.  At that point, we piled blankets on our bed and called it a day.

By 1:30 p.m. the next day, the gas company repairman had come back and got the heat working.  (Never mind what we still need to do to fix the bathroom ceiling and walls.)

Even while it was happening, I knew that we would be fine.  I knew that others have had far more devastating disasters.  But somehow that didn’t help in the moment.

It’s warmed up a bit now, but the polar vortex is headed back our way. So is my grumpiness. 

Fingers crossed that our house is better at getting over it.


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