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For us 70-somethings, making a new friend is not an every day activity.  Old friends are easier.  They know the skeletons in our closet, our mistakes and our triumphs.

New friends are a challenge. We have to discover common interests.  We have to make room for them in our busy schedules and in our hearts. 

So I am happy to report that someone in my life has moved from a “Hi, how’s it going?” acquaintance to an “I like hanging out with her” friend. 

Here’s how it happened.  I had served on a cross-university committee with her for years.  She was articulate and a strong contributor to solving the problems the committee confronted.  She was highly regarded throughout the university.  When she announced that she was stepping down after forty years, I offered to take her to lunch, and did so in June just before she retired.  We both wondered why it had taken so long for us to get together.

Since then, I have also retired. We’ve had more lunches and we’ve become email buddies.  I am happy to confirm that at 70-something, I have a new friend.


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Sean Lambert

Comments are closed for the Bugs and Looops topic, so I'm hijacking this one. Apparently I'm not as resourceful as the last person who looked you up, because I can't find an email address. =]

I came across a picture of this game, and as a programmer I'm interested. The boardgamegeek entry is a little sparse:

I'd love to see the rules for the game, or anything else related.


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