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I have been working on buying less. Inevitably, our children will have to deal with our possessions and I’d like to ease that burden for them. 

So how is it possible that my latest Visa bill includes three purchases of things that I have managed without for three-quarters of a century?

Item #1: Dustbuster  Do you know anyone who has survived without owning a dust- buster?  Is there anything better for cleaning up the mess when peanuts in the shell have been the snack of choice?  We were way overdue for a dustbuster.  

Item #2:  Mr. Coffee  Just before our vacation, I broke our Melita coffee pot.  Actually, I knocked something off a cabinet shelf that fell onto the kitchen counter and broke it. We planned to buy a replacement upon our return.  But our vacation-rental apartment had an automatic coffee maker that Peter liked.  And we had purchased what seemed like a life-time supply of filters for it. So we have invested in a new coffee maker that takes up way too much space on our kitchen counter. But at least we’ll use up the filters we brought home. 

Item #3:  Immersion blender This was an impulse purchase.  It was freezing cold when we returned from our vacation.  We were out doing errands.  All I could think of was coming home to a steaming bowl of soup.  But canned soups have way too much salt.  So we pulled into a shopping center on the way home, bought an immersion blender and thirty minutes later we had a delicious home-made soup from a can of black beans and some chicken stock topped off with sour cream and lime.  And it did not require lugging our ancient blender up from the basement.

So much for de-accessing.



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Anne Brew

In the last year we have bought a dustbuster and an immersion blender! It should mean getting rid of older bigger items. We haven't taken that step yet...

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