Winter's Tale
The Oldest Thing I Never Got Rid Of

For Better or for Worse...But Not for Lunch

In the eight years that I still worked after Peter retired, our house was his during the day.  Our running joke was that, if I were to come home unexpectedly, he might not have time “to get the blondes out”.

Because I rode my bike to work, our car was always his too. 

Things have changed now that I have retired.

I am home more and sometimes I feel that I have invaded his territory.  It seems that our study has become his study, and although he has offered to switch with me, I work in the guest bedroom.

In the past, our car was always at his disposal weekdays.  Now we have to let each other know in advance if something on our schedule requires a car during the day because we share it.

Six months into my retirement, I can report that being together during the week is working out just fine. 

Even for lunch.



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