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App Update (and a Visit)

I am a relatively computer-savvy senior, but when it comes to apps for my iPhone, I am always behind.  So when we visit the children (or they us), checking out their latest apps is high on my agenda.

When we were in Maryland last weekend to celebrate my birthday, I got my app-update from Jeremy and am happy to share it with my 70-something readers.  All are free.

1. Find My Car:  The name tells it all.  Especially useful if you have a rental car that you might not recognize.  It works best on streets because they have names, but even in a parking lot it will find your car.  Simple to use.

2.  iHeartRadio:  Offers 800 radio stations and 15 million songs.  It’s possible to create your own “station” based on a particular artist. Better than Pandora.

3. Google Now: This app knows everything about you.  It will see that you are sitting in a restaurant and tell you how far you are from the next thing on your calendar.  It will show you how to get there and tell you how long it will take (without your asking, that is).

4.  AnyList:  This shopping list app remembers what you usually buy.  When you check something off the list, it disappears until next time.  You can share your list with others.  If you and your co-shopper are rushing through the grocery store, when you find an item on your list, it disappears from their list too.  AnyList isn’t just for shopping. My other lists so far include reminders about what to do in the house before going out of town and what I have to remember to take when I travel far.

 5.  Mnyd:  I know you have a calendar you love.  You can keep it, but try Mnyd anyhow.  It acts like a personal assistant and gets rave reviews.

And, by the way, it was fun to see the kids too.



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I wish I had gotten the an Android and regretting it. I am too cheap to toss it and start over.

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