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A New Life: Chapter One

I’ve never reinvented myself in any organized way.  My life just happened.  I’ve had a happy childhood, a good education, a super-good marriage, outstanding children and a great career.

Retirement is a whole new thing.  Letting go of the past and figuring out what to do next has been a challenge.  But I think I’ve got it now.

I have begun working with an inner-city charter school that has had great success in getting its graduates into college.  I am going to help the juniors and seniors go through the application process. 

Next week, I begin courses in a life-long learning program.  I will take “Understanding Poetry” because I know nothing about poetry except that I don’t like it. I hope to change that.  And I will take a course on China’s transformation in the twenty-first century, something else I know nothing about.

In April, I will begin training to be a volunteer consultant to non-profits, particularly in executive coaching. 

Is it too much?  Not enough?  Just right?  I’ll find out.


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