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My Solo Conversation

I’ve learned not to interrupt Peter when he is thinking deep thoughts (which seems to be most of the time). But lately he doesn’t even seem to like my talking to him when he is doing the daily crossword puzzle.

On Saturday, I was folding the laundry at the dining room table where he was working on the puzzle. I asked him a question that elicited a grunt that meant “I don’t want to be interrupted.”

So, I returned to folding the laundry, and had the following conversation out loud, playing both parts myself:

Peter:  “Thanks honey for doing all the laundry and changing the bed and cleaning the house.  I know it’s a lot of work.”

Judy: “Oh, you’re welcome.”  “Would you like fish for supper tonight?  My turn to cook.”

Peter: “Sure, fish sounds good for supper. Thanks for offering to cook.”

Judy: “By the way, I’ve decided to adopt a puppy from a shelter.”  (The last thing in the world that Peter would like is a dog.)

He looked up from his puzzle. “WHAT??!!!,”  he said.

At least I got his attention. 

Happy New Year!
















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