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Philomena's Wrinkles

I’ll go to see any movie with Judi Dench.  Last year she was superb in “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.”  This year it’s “Philomena”, based on a true story about an elderly Irishwoman’s search for her son. The nuns who took Philomena in as a pregnant teenager and made her work in their laundry to pay her “debt” to them, allowed an American couple to adopt her son when he was a toddler.  

On what would have been his fiftieth birthday, Philomena begins to search for him.  It’s a lovely movie and a sure award winner.

Judi Dench is 79.  The camera is on her face during much of the one-hour, thirty-four minute movie.  It is a wonderfully expressive face.  And it is very wrinkled.

The poster ad for the movie has air-brushed her wrinkles out. But they are front and center in the movie itself, and Philomena’s face is beautiful.

It may be time to sell your stock in the wrinkle-cream industry.



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