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The picture above was taken in Roraima, Brazil.  It shows an advertisement for CrediRapido, a loan company.  Although our son Seth spends a lot of time in Brazil, he has never been to Roraima.  And neither has anyone else in the picture.

Seth’s Brazilian friend Tammy was visiting her parents who live there last week, recognized Seth in the advertisement, and emailed him the photo.  Seth posted it on Facebook with the following comment:  “If you're ever in Roraima, Brazil and need a loan, this company's spokesfamily seems incredibly trustworthy (not to mention good looking). Photo credit and sharp eye - Tammy Arnaud.”

The photo in the ad was taken on our annual pre-Thanksgiving Dinner walk two years ago.  Somebody, somewhere, somehow snatched it from the Internet, having decided that we were a wholesome family, perfect for an advertisement.  The irony is that Brazil is famous for its beautiful models, yet someone chose us!  Of course, the price was right.

I doubt that it makes a difference, but they removed the football Peter was carrying, put leaves on the trees in the background and flipped the picture left to right.  I am sure the perpetrators assumed that we would never see it. 

Stay tuned to for further developments.  My post-retirement career as a model might be underway.


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Great story!

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