Philomena's Wrinkles


Although the calendar says that winter isn't here yet, it has been bitter cold and we have had way too much snow for mid-December.  Combined with the short days, it's a recipe for my being miserable.  But, instead, I’m pretty darn happy.

Two months ago, newly retired and with some ideas, but no plan, I was pretty darn unhappy.  My job had been my identity. When I left it, I wasn’t sure where to start the process of reinventing myself.   Thanks to a combination of good friends, good energy and good luck, I am all set.

I have made a mix of commitments.  An inner city school where I will be helping the students with college applications, some pro bono consulting for non-profits and studying at a center for learning in retirement should be enough to keep me out of trouble.

Everyone warned me that it would take a year to adjust to not working.  Let’s put it this way—when I was in school my papers were always handed in early.


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