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Peter and I are lucky to live a short walk from our country’s first garden cemetery.  Cambridge’s Mount Auburn Cemetery was founded in 1831 and is now a National Historic Landmark.  Its seventy-five acres attract residents of Greater Boston and visitors from around the world for bird and plant watching.

Wandering its winding pathways, we discover new monuments and plants each time we visit.  In the spring and summer the flowering trees and shrubs are beautiful.  In the fall, the foliage is breathtaking.  Even in winter, Mount Auburn’s 5,5000 varieties of trees, shrubs and other plants covered with snow are a photographer’s dream.

During our walk there on a crystal clear Veteran’s Day, Peter was taking pictures for his photography class.  I pulled my phone out of my pocket and took a picture of him taking pictures.

Just for the fun of it, I opened Google Maps on the phone, wondering if it could find us on Acacia, the tiny path we were walking.  Sure enough, we were spotted.  We decided to let Google Maps guide us home, and as the time to our destination kept changing, we realized that we didn’t walk as fast as it expected us to.  But when we got to our house, sure enough the phone announced that we were there.  And immediately, a picture of our house appeared on the screen.

Amazing, but a little scary…



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