Mr. Clean

Six Week Report

It’s been six weeks since I retired.   With a bit of help from William Bridges’ book, Transitions, I now understand why it has been hard for me.  According to Bridges, transitions are difficult, no matter how sure you are that they are the right move.  Leaving a job you like (even for a better one) is an adjustment.  Going back to school is also an adjustment. And what did I do?  Both at once. 

I was talking about this with a former colleague.  Recently, Scott and his young family moved to a new house.  As he tells it, they can practically see their old house from the new one.  Yet his little kids had trouble sleeping after they moved. For them it was a transition. And transitions are confusing.

I have no doubt that it was time for me to leave my job.  I have no doubt that I am lucky to be able to use my retirement to stretch my mind.

But now I get it that it is not as easy as I thought it would be.





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