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Six Week Report


I’m giving a speech in my next Arts of Communication class. Our assignment is to pose a problem and offer a solution. I decided to talk about how our non-stop attachment to our cell phones, iPads, and Kindles is bad for us. 

Although we can’t eliminate the problem, I will offer some suggestions for managing it.

I was thinking that I might take my own advice.  But that was before Tuesday’s Boston Red Sox playoff game.  Our son Jeremy, a huge Sox fan, was watching the game in Maryland with our grandsons.  He suggested we watch “together” using Face-time on our iPads so that we could talk about the game as if all of us were in the same family room.

So there I was—iPad propped on my lap, talking with Jeremy and the boys on their couch, the game on our TV set and theirs, and my cell phone chirping away on the coffee table announcing emails.

So much for following my own advice.



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